What You Will Need At Staten Island Music School For Your First Guitar Lessons

What You Will Need At Staten Island Music School For Your First Guitar Lessons

At Staten Island Music School, Guitar lessons have always been and continue to be the most popular musical instrument choice for students and due to this popularity, it is the biggest department at our school. We get a lot of students in this guitar department who have no background to guitar and when starting, have no idea what they will need to bring with them to the lessons.

We have compiled a guide for our beginner guitar players with some of the items needed for your very first lesson at Staten Island Music School.

Bring Your Own Guitar

We strongly suggest bringing your own guitar to our guitar lessons. This is because it will make your learning experience a lot more consistent if you stick to one guitar. This will most likely lead you to the next question which we have preempted. What kind of guitar do you need to bring?

There is no conclusive answer to this question as it solely depends on what kind of guitar you have or, what kind of guitar you wish to learn on. The options of guitar are the following:

  1. Nylon/classical guitars
  2. Acoustic Guitars (Steel String)
  3. Electric guitar

If you are not sure which one to go with, the nylon guitar (often referred to as a classical guitar) is definitely the best guitar to start learning on. The nylon strings are much softer and will make learning the guitar a lot more pleasant and easier on your fingers. Remember, if you choose to learn on an electric guitar, you do not need to bring an amplifier as our guitar teachers will plug you into one of our practice amps.

Bring Your Own Tuner

bring your own guitar tuner to guitar lessons

If you want to learn guitar, having a tuner is one of the most important items to to own. For this reason we recommend you always bring your own guitar tuner with you along to your lessons. We try to kindly enforce this rule as we believe it helps our students remember the importance of tuning the guitar. Of course, if you forget yours at home or have technical

Bring Your Own Guitar Plectrum (s)

bring your own guitar picks and plectrums to guitar lessons

If you want to learn guitar then owning a plectrum (also know as a guitar pick) is an important accessory. You can get the best guitar picks at Guitar Pick Zone. Even if you are learning the classical guitar which comprises of finger picking, we still recommend bringing some plectrums with you just in case. The type of plectrums  you bring are completely up to you and what you prefer. If you are not sure, we have some Staten Island Music School Branded Guitar Picks for sale at our front office for only $1 each. Guitar pick technique is a big part of learning the guitar so make sure you don’t come without one.

Blank Sheet Music and Blank Guitar Tablature

blank guitar tab paper

In your guitar lessons at Staten Island Music School, you will be learning how to read music as well as how to read guitar tablature (Also known as “guitar tab“). For this reason, we recommend bringing blank guitar tab paper as well as blank music paper. This is very cheap and can be found on Amazon or we also have some for sale at our front desk.

Bring Spare Guitar Strings

spare guitar strings for guitar lessons

One should always keep a spare set of guitar strings in your guitar case/bag at all times. String breakage is a common thing and not having a spare set can waste some valuable time your lessons. We want the focus to be on learning and not on changing the string so our professional guitar teachers will assist the student in doing this. After a few times, you’ll also know exactly how to change a guitar string. Not sure what set of strings to get? Don’t worry, at your first guitar lesson our guitar teacher will give you a few recommendations as well as the best place in which you can get your guitar strings.

Bring A Smile and A Good Attitude

The most important aspect to learning guitar as well as any other instrument, is having a good attitude. Being positive and persisting is what will make a successful guitar player. Whilst we believe in raw talent, it is those with the best attitudes and positivity that always come out on top. There’s no need to be nervous or fear lessons at Staten Island Music School, as we aim to educate our students musically whilst having as much fun as possible.

If any of this is unclear or if you have any questions regarding guitar lessons or any of the other musical instrument lessons we offer, contact us here and will you kindly help you. Read more about our music school here and some of the achievements we as a music school have attained.

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