Instrument Lessons We Offer At Staten Island Music School

Instrument Lessons We Offer At Staten Island Music School

The following are the musical instrument lessons we currently have on offer at our music school. These lessons are the most popular by demand however, we are looking to expand our lesson and instrument offerings in the near future which include a performing department.

Here is a list of lessons offered at Staten Island Music School:

Piano Lessons

Piano was the first instrument that was taught at the Staten Island School of Music. We continue to take pride in this historic department and carry on its legacy. Initially, the school only taught classical piano however, we now offer the options between:

  • Classical Piano
  • Contemporary/Pop Piano
  • Jazz Piano

Guitar (And Bass) Lessons

Currently the guitar department is the the most popular at our school and the desire to learn guitar seems to be one that is always popular As a result, we have some of the best guitar teachers at the school. We offer both guitar as well as bass guitar lessons with the focus on either or a combination of the following:

  • Classical Guitar/Bass guitar
  • Contemporary guitar/bass
  • Jazz guitar/bass

We compiled a guide for beginners about what to bring to your first guitar lesson here.

Accordion Lessons

Along with piano lessons, accordion lessons were also some of the first to be offered at the Staten Island Music School. We continue the accordion lessons to this day however the interest in this historic instrument seems to be dwindling. We hope to see a resurrection in popularity for learning the accordion.

Singing Lessons

We have singing lessons available at the music school. Students have the option to choose from one or a combination of the following different types of singing lessons:

  • Jazz singing lessons
  • Contemporary/pop singing lessons
  • Opera singing lessons

There are regularly questions asked about our singing lessons on offer. Read our guide answering some questions about singing lessons.

Drum Lessons 

Drumming lessons are a relatively new addition to the Staten Island Music School. However, due to popular demand we started offering drum lessons to our students. You’ll learning everything from proper drumstick technique to how to hold the drumsticks. As well as a wide array of more advanced lessons. We also happen to offer some of the best drum teachers in the country.

Brass Instrument Lessons

We have quite a large brass department here at our music school. With the brass instruments, our most popular lessons are the saxophone followed by the trumped. We also offer trombone as well as a wide variety of other brass instruments.

Music Reading Lessons

Learning how to read music is taught as part of all of our instrument lessons. However, if you would like to learn how read music without taking an instrument, we can certainly cater for you as we have exclusive learning how to read music lessons only.

If you have any more questions about the lessons we currently have on offer, you can contact us here.